Cessen's Ramblings

2008 - 03 - 24

Project Euler

First some good news about Project Peach: the movie is done! It's finished! If we wanted to, we could release it right now. However, we are taking the time we have left to go back and improve the parts we are least happy with. Even with this extra time, there's going to be plenty of things in the movie that we'll cringe at, but I suspect a typical audience won't notice them (or at least won't care about them).

Second -- and this is the primary point of this post -- I discovered an awesome website the other day: http://projecteuler.net

They have a whole bunch of math problems geared toward being solved by computer. I'm finding it to be quite fun.

The really cool thing about it is that the emphasis isn't just on getting the right answers (although you do have to do that too), but also on finding the most elegant and efficient ways to compute the answer. In effect, it's about figuring out and deriving math concepts. And I find that a lot of fun.

Interestingly, I think this is actually a really good example of one of the reasons reason I rarely enjoyed math classes. In most math classes (at least that I took) they give you the formulas, and just wanted you to use them to find the answers. For me, that's extraordinarily boring. For me the fun part is figuring out those formulas and concepts myself. Perhaps that's a slow way to learn math, but it's a hell of a lot more fun that having it spoon-fed to you.

I recall enjoying geometry class quite a bit for that reason: I rarely paid attention in class and instead figured out how to solve the problems on my own. Of course, once I'd figured out how to solve the problems (and verified it on a few), I didn't want to bother doing the rest of the problems since the concepts were exactly the same. I suppose I wasn't a terribly good student...

In any case, this website is really cool. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys math and has even a smidgen of computer programming background.