Cessen's Ramblings

2008 - 03 - 29

The Devil Is In The Details

First off, it seems people are starting to find my blog from track-backs on the Project Peach website. After noticing this, it suddenly brought into sharp focus that I've slipped in my intent to keep my blog relatively impersonal. Especially entries I made during the more stressful parts of Peach, which are particularly inappropriate if Blender users start reading this blog.

So with that in mind I've cleaned up the blog a little.

Anyhoo, all that unpleasantness aside, Project Peach is rapidly coming to a close, with only two or three days left of actual production. After that we'll start work on the DVD. For my part, I'll be working on documenting how to use the character rigs. I'm not entirely sure what format or formats I'll use for that, but I'd like to make it at least mildly entertaining, even for people who have no idea what a "rig" is. The nice thing about working on the DVD is that it will be notably less stressful than these last parts of production.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, the movie was essentially finished a week or more ago, and since then we've just been working on improving the details. Turns out that this is actually really stressful. You don't exactly get a satisfied feeling from discussing for twelve thousand and two hours which moment a character's left pinky finger should twitch.

Each of the little details of our movie suddenly seem to have mountainous importance. Not that they don't add up. But we're working for hours and hours on individual tiny things that 90% of the people who watch the movie probably won't even notice or care about. It's really a bizarre sort of feeling.

It's a good training ground for learning how to keep things in perspective, though.