Cessen's Ramblings

2008 - 04 - 15

Peach Over, Coming Home

As I'm writing this blog entry I am sitting on the couch at the Blender Institute, acutely aware that I will never be able to revisit this part of my life again. Peach was a truly remarkable experience, even if I can't remember half of it.

At the beginning of the project I had high hopes, and was aware of a larger context in which the project was happening. I talked of new business models, and how the media industry was changing right under our noses... and how the big boys were going to have to change with it, or get out. I talked about how media production is becoming more local, and how media distribution is becoming more direct.
But during the actual production of Peach I forgot all about that stuff. We were just making a short animated film. It completely slipped my mind that this project was related to those things at all.

Now that the fog of production is clearing, these thoughts are sifting back through my mind. And although Big Buck Bunny certainly won't spark any sort of instantaneous change -- or indeed, any change at all just on its own -- it's nice to know that I've helped create something that is a part of this change, even if it's only a small part.

On a slightly different subject, the premiere of Peach was pretty awesome. We got a standing ovation from the audience. It was enthralling. Although I must confess that I'm holding out to see the results of the online release. The premiere consisted largely of people that were already interested in and supportive of the project, so even though they were strangers, the ovation had a tinge of that parents-at-a-school-play feel. They were there to be supportive in the first place, so the ovation means less. But it was still an amazing feeling, and it did still mean something.

Most of the Peach artists have already left. Andy left a few days ago. William and Enrico left not much later. Sacha is still here, though I'll be gone before he comes in tomorrow. Same goes for Brecht and Campbell. The dynamics of this group felt quite unique. We almost had a little subculture of our own going here. I'll miss that.

However, I certainly will not miss the stress and long hours. I'm ready to come home.