Cessen's Ramblings

2010 - 07 - 06

Going Freelance

Project Durian is almost over. I'm coming back to the USA on the 20th of July (this month). Yay! :-D

I've been planning for a while to go freelance after Durian, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes. I've already been putting my feelers out looking for possible work. But I'd like to ask that anyone who reads this blog keep an ear out for work that might suit my abilities. This being my first time going freelance, it's a bit scary.

I'll be putting together an updated demo reel as soon as I return to the USA. But for now, here is my 2008 reel:

I am especially skilled in rigging and animation, but I am also well versed in modeling, lighting, and rendering. I am happy to do all kinds of work, from full-fledged character animation to visualization to logo animation. No job is too mighty nor too humble.

My software of choice is Blender 3D and related open source offerings, but I am experienced in other software as well (XSI, Maya). However, software costing substantial amounts of money will need to be provided by the other party, at least until I can get my feet solidly under me.